I’m in love with Ryan I love him so much yesterday he said “I’m so happy I met you” i don’t know what id do without him. he means the world to me

i luv ry ry so much he means the world to me and is best thing to ever happen to me <3 <3 <3 <3

I got drunk last week and kissed a boy but I felt nothing. He peeled his lips off of mine and I sat there wondering if he could taste your name on my lips. I think he did.
Your name is on my lips (via unpoeticheartbreak)

this is my first love and my last, everyones a liar

When gods die, they die hard. It’s not like they fade away, or grow old, or fall asleep. They die in fire and pain, and when they come out of you, they leave your guts burned. It hurts more than anything you can talk about. And maybe worst of all is, you’re not sure if there will ever be another god to fill their place. Or if you’d ever want another god to fill their place. You don’t want fire to go out inside you twice.
The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt (via mirroir)
I know it’s over, and it never really began, but in my heart it was so real.
The Smiths  (via 400eurojob)

idk what i would do if i got busted out by the cops i can barely handle getting busted out by teachers